Haruna Iddrisu. The empty seats in parliament
Haruna Iddrisu. The empty seats in parliament

Former Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, has rejected a chair offered to him by the Minority in Parliament following his removal as the leader of the Caucus.

According to him, Mr Dauda is his senior in age and also in terms of his stay in parliament, therefore, as a well-trained man, he will not accept the seat.

He, however, added that he is willing to accept any other seat acceptable to him aside from that of Mr Dauda.

Mr Iddrisu, who was in the chamber, decided to contribute to a motion on the floor of the House from the seat of the First Deputy Speaker which is located at the majority side of the House.

“Mr Speaker, forgive me that I have to assume your chair, there was [sic] whether I should take over from Collins Dauda or yours and I have told them that honourable Collins Dauda is senior by age and a senior even to this house. So, I will not fit into his chair as somebody who is well-trained from home. So, any other chair Mr speaker acceptable to me, I am still the elected Member of Parliament for Tamale south,” he said in the chamber on February 9 after he made a contribution.

In line with the NDC’s reshuffle in parliament’s minority leadership, some Members of Parliament including the former leaders have seen some changes in their sitting positions.

Per the seating arrangement in parliament, the leaders are usually seated on the first row in the chamber and ranking members sit in the row after that.

The two seats in the front row are usually reserved for the seniormost parliamentarian.