A Ghanaian female photographer, Senyuiedzorm Awusi Adadevoh, has disclosed that she was nearly raped in Qatar.

According to her, the incident happened on one of the days when she was walking home alone since her usual companion had left early.

She added that she is only sharing her ordeal to ensure that no visitor who has travelled to witness the World Cup goes through what she experienced.

“I always travel with somebody, but with this particular tournament, I have had to come alone. But I have been working with a friend. Yesterday, she did not have two matches; I had two matches, and she was tired, and so she left.

“He extended his hands, and I shook (him) – he was a young guy, but he was way taller and bigger than me. And then he just said ‘I want to do the sex’. So, I tried to pull my hand and he just grabbed me and said ‘I say I want to do the sex’,” she narrated in a Facebook live post.