Shatta Wale

Heartbreak, which has no respect for status, has chosen to land on the bosom of Dancehall King Shatta Wale.

The musician was in ‘tears’ after revealing he is done with relationship after realising it does not go in his favour.

Ranting on his Snapchat, he claims it is better to stay single and love himself than give his all to unappreciative women.

Shatta disclosed he is fed up with the lies, greed, anger and has decided he will now give love to others with no strings attached.

Shatta Wale’s baby mama, Michy, not long ago opted out of their relationship after revealing she had to endure a lot of abuse.

Shatta Wale, whose plea for a comeback fell on deaf ears, moved on to a new lover, who seems to have smashed his heart into pieces.

Shatta Wale finally gives up; says he is no longer interested in having relationship