Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, popularly known as MzVee, has cracked the ribs of social media users after a video of her getting spooked by a card magician surfaced.

The popular Ghanaian singer was in disbelief when a young man known as Benard the Magician, who is a master of card tricks, showed her his card skills.

Initially, MzVee was confident the magician could not deceive her with his antics, but in the end, she ended up in his web of victims.

First, he asked the singer to pick a card and hide it, which she did. Next, he put the card she picked without looking at the face of the card and placed it in a large deck of cards he was holding.

He shuffled the cards and told her he would pick the exact card she selected out of the stack of cards. He picked a card from the set of cards and showed it to MzVee, saying that was the card she picked.

She rejected his pick and claimed it was not the one she chose. The magician then told her to swipe the screen of a phone he had in his hand, and lo and behold, the card she had picked initially appeared on the screen of the device.

MzVee was so shocked she ran away in fear screaming God’s name. The video had folks laughing hysterically.