Pastor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt

Pastor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, who was recently banned from counselling on either radio or television by the Ghana Psychological Council (GPC), has hit hard at the Council.

“I am a pastoral counsellor… I have certificates; I have learnt and still learning. I was trained by a school… but the only challenge is that whatever training you have, it was made clear to us that our certificates cannot run circular,” he told Accra based Peace FM, monitored by

According to the Council, it’s against the law for an individual without the proper qualifications to hold him/herself out as a counsellor, thus, Mr Lutterodt is contravening the laws of Ghana by presenting himself as Counsellor Lutterodt.


The Council has, thus, written to Mr Lutterodt, warning him to stop holding himself out as a counselor, whilst also warning the media not to take him on any programme.

Reacting to the issue for the first time, the controversial counsellor said the Council can take the name ‘counsellor’ from him but cannot ban him from carrying out his ‘duties’ on radio and television.

“Within what I have learnt so far, I am a qualified pastoral counsellor not by their Council (Psychological Council) …they cannot, till I die, ban me in this country, never!” an angry Mr Lutterodt added.

“If the GPC like, they can take their Counsellor name, but they can never ban me. In case they don’t know, I was trained by a school and have certificates to show. GPC cannot ban me in this country, I don’t belong to their association, they cannot ban. In fact, have they accredited me to say they are banning me?, What sort of personal vindictiveness is this?” he asked.

The pastoral counselor said he will hold a press conference on Friday to address the issues proper.

Listen to the controversial counsellor in audio above: