Abrumase, a populated East Gonja District town in the Savannah Region still has its residents hanging their phones on trees for mobile network.

Community members say network is only accessible in just one compound house in the entire district.

Worse of all, even a long walk to the said house is not enough to guarantee users’ network as they have to either wave their phones in the air or hang them on trees in the compound to have a slim hope of getting signal.

Residents of Abrumase hang phones on sticks for network access

Exclusive photos of the daily struggles of the residents in the possession of Adomonline.com show moments of erected sticks with phones tied to them in search of network.

Even for the few lucky ones who gain access to the house, they have the burden of sitting in wait for the unstable reception before exiting for others to have their turn.

Paramount chief of Kulaw ‘Yeram’ Yakubu Seidu, narrating residents’ ordeal said it takes him days to access network to call his aides for meetings or transport services.

Residents of Abrumase hang phones on sticks for network access

He added that toll-free numbers do not even go through in times of emergency.

The Assembly Member of the area, Sulemana Issalim, also added the network is a long issue which is yet to be addressed after several complaints lodged at the offices of the authorities.

Aside the network issue, he outlined water crisis and bad road networks as another headache of the communities.

Resident travel to Abrumase to hang phones on sticks for network access

The residents have threatened that if their situation is not upgraded, they will not welcome any politician come the next electoral year.