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Man In Court For Impregnating His Mother-in-law


A woman of Kitwe narrated before the Ganerton Local Court how her husband impregnated her biological mother when she visited their matrimonial home.

Appearing before senior magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu was Grace Banda, who sued her husband, Mwila Kalobo for divorce.
The two got married in 2006 and have two children.

Banda, a trader at Kitwe’s Chisokone Market, told the court that all was well in their marriage when the two tied the knot in 2006 until she discovered her husband’s adulterous affair with her biological mother.

She narrated that her mother visited their matrimonial home from the village in 2010 and stayed with them for three months.

She said she would leave home in the morning to sell merchandise at Chisokone Market and would only return home from work around 19:00 hours.

“My mother visited us from the village and she stayed with us for three months. Whenever I went out, I used to leave her home with the children. But one day, my mother decided to leave without telling me,” Banda said.

She narrated that three months later after her mother left, she went to the village to visit her (mother) and discovered that she was six months pregnant.

Banda told the court that when she asked her mother who was responsible for the pregnancy as her father was late, she did not say anything.

“I stayed in the village for two months until my mother gave birth to a child who exactly resembled my husband,” she said.
Banda told the court that when she left the village, she confronted her husband about his alleged affair with her mother and she got a shock of her life when her spouse admitted impregnating her [mother] and asked for forgiveness.

And Kalobo admitted having impregnated his mother in-law and told the court that his wife was a marketeer who always left home in the morning and only returned at night.

He told the court that his mother in-law used to do everything for him at home while his wife was away selling at the market and that he ended up having a secret sexual affair with her until she conceived.
Magistrate Ndhlovu said it was a taboo for Kalobo to sleep with his mother-in-law which resulted into having a child.

He granted the two divorce adding that Banda was never at home to take care of her husband.


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