The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) had warned the public against consuming fishes washed ashore at the Osu Castle beach and other beaches.

The caution followed reports that some of the fishes may have been sent to various markets and into homes.

But at the Osu Castle beach Wednesday, it became apparent many have already consumed some of these Fishes saying nothing has happened to them so far and the fish was good.

“On Friday, we were here whilst our children were at the sea shore; they came back with a big fish which was wagging it’s tail. So I said the fish is not dead, the fish is not dead. The children said they got it from the sea.

“It was first seen by the security men around who cooked and ate some over here”, an elderly woman who operates a shop at the seashore and ate some of the fish with her family told JoyNews.

She added, “So when the children brought it, we removed it’s scales and chopped it. The fish was healthy. That Sunday we used it for palmnut soup.

“So honestly my family and I ate some of the fish and nothing has happened to us. We had some small ones and we fried it and then these bigger ones.”

Others said they believed it was a miracle.

Okailey operates a drinking spot right at the seashore and explained how the fishes were carried into homes, explaining that although she didn’t eat some of the fish, some of her neighbours did whilst others sold it.

The Fisheries Ministry has advised those who have consumed these fishes to come forward even as authorities try to unravel the circumstances leading to the death of these fishes.