An 18-year-old woman, who was raped multiple times by two self-styled pastors, feels dirty and unworthy of living that she wants to end it all, her parents have said.

The victim (name withheld) said she is pained by the struggles that her parents are going through to get her back to her normal self.

The teenager is battling scars from a four-month tortuous kidnapping and multiple rape experience at the hands of the two self-styled men of God.

She was kidnapped in April 2019 at Aflao in the Volta region by the two men who sought refuge in her mother’s home.

According to her, she was sexually abused almost every day while in captivity.

But, that was not all, her captors compelled her to take concoctions to abort the pregnancy that resulted from the multiple sexual assaults.

A Keta Circuit Court adjourned the case of George Andrews and Maxwell Peter who appeared before it for allegedly kidnapping and raping the woman to September 16.