A man and his wife have been arrested for allegedly conniving to assault the male lover’s ex for a post she made on photo and video sharing app, Instagram.

The man, identified as Olanrewaju and his live-in partner, are said to have trailed his ex and beaten her black and blue on Friday, July 16.

It was gathered that prior to the assualt they had sent threats to the victim, Faith, after she held a QnA where questions of her previous relationship took the lead.

A source narrated that: “Faith runs a business and sometimes runs a question and answer session to get feedback from her customers but is always bombarded with questions about her ex, Olanrewaju. Even in her comments on IG, some busybodies troop there to always ask her questions and sometimes she responds.”

The answers are said to have annoyed Olanrewaju and his new partner such that they organised thugs to assault Faith, but she was quick enough to escape.

After the failed attempt, they are said to have invited Faith for a meeting to quash out their differences, which she heeded, unsuspecting of the ploy to deal with her.

She was flogged mercilessly and videos were taken of the assault, which were later leaked online.

Faith informed the police of the assault and the couple were arrested.