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Fuel price: GPRTU “accepts” 15 Pesewa reduction but…

The General Secretary of Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Mr Godfred Abulbire says the Driver Union Unions have accepted the 15 pesewas reduction of fuel but will take further step if government fails to meet their demands within an expected time.

The Coalition of Commercial Transport Operators in Ghana including the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union (GPRTU) embarked on a sit down Strike on Monday, December 6, 2021.

This was to get the government scrap all the taxes on the pump price of petroleum products to ease the burden on Ghanaians.

It was observed that while many drivers parked their vehicles, few ones did not adhere to the instruction of the striking unions, and were seen picking passengers to and fro.


This got some of the drivers who went on strike to confront those who did otherwise.

While embarking on the strike, the Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare appealed to drivers to suspend their strike.

Speaking on Atinka TV‘s morning show, Ghana Nie, Mr Godfred Abulbire confirmed that after a meeting with the Chief of Staff, Goil reduced its fuel price from GH6.85 to 6.70.

Although they have accepted the 15 pesewa reduction, he admitted that the drivers wished the reduction would be more than that since they were not fully satisfied with the 15 pesewa reduction.

Meanwhile, he said other stations were selling the fuel lower than Goil, explaining that while other private companies sold it at GHC6.80 per litre, Goil sold the fuel at GHC6.89 or 6.99.


Mr Godfred Abulbire was of the belief that the rest will follow suit after Goil’s 15 pesewas reduction, pointing to Shell and Total.

“After the Chief of Staff spoke to Goil, it reduced the fuel price from GHC6.85 to 6.70, it was an indication that this time around, while the matter was being discussed at the Ministerial level now it has reached the Presidency and something good will come out of it so you do not say you will not agree right at the beginning. They have given us timelines, when it reaches and nothing good comes from there then we will know what to do,” he said.

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